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Should I Watch Blue Period?

Japanese title: ブルーピリオド

English title: Blue Period

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🍁 Fall 2021 🍁

My personal score: 7/10

So you're probably asking whether Blue Period is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

An anime that centers around the fine arts, Blue Period tells a story about how a 'genius' highschooler, who got bored of praises for doing well at everything he tried, came across a scene that somehow triggered his interest in the fine arts, realizes that he's not a genius in the field, and geniunely wants to do better at it.

It's a mouthful.

And that makes the story of Blue Period relatively unique. I initially thought this anime will be a more fun, more comedy slice of life oriented, but nope. The story greatly emphasized the journey of students pursuing further study in fine arts.

There is a huge focus in the self development of the main character, from drawing simple things right in front of his eyes, to making art pieces that frankly I could barely understand. The character is often portrayed as enjoying what he was doing, but at the same time the tones and expressions were often shown contradictory, which made me question if that was done discerningly on purpose.

The overall tone of this anime was also very calm, almost quiet, and the pacing felt relatively slow. Together, it successfully provided a fairly consistently unnerving atmosphere, perhaps an attempt at mirroring to the viewer what the main character was feeling. In my personal opinion, it wasn't the most comfortable to watch for the most part.

Also, the background music or sound effect that was often played sounded quite weird.

The art style was good enough. The characters weren't the most expressive. Animations were okay. I believe there's nothing out of the ordinary in terms of the graphics quality here. Although, I can't say the same of the drawings, paintings, etc. In fact, I can't say anything, as I don't understand art enough to have a say at it.

Ultimately, I probably was not able to enjoy Blue Period to its fullest potential. If you have an interest in fine arts, I might be able to recommend this one.

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