Deaimon (Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness) cover art

Should I Watch Deaimon?

Japanese title: であいもん

English title: Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🌸 Spring 2022 🌸

My personal score: 10/10

So you're probably asking whether Deaimon is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

A very calm and relaxing, yet paced at times, feels good, and balanced with emotional moments slice of life anime Deaimon is. Truly an enjoyable watch through and through!

This anime talks a lot about relationship problems, with quite an emphasis on familial relationship. Most of the time, there's often a reference to traditional Japanese sweets in the mix of the conflict, and in fact Deaimon is basically set around a traditional Japanese sweets shop.

The things is, the sweets actually don't really matter in this anime. Well, maybe it does, but the significance is very little to none. The rest simply shows how the characters go through their daily lives, talk about their issues, and how eventually everything works out, even if it means the initial issue not being solved, but everyone can become happy in the end.

The pacing is consistent, and not in a bad way at all. There wasn't a feeling of slack or a feeling of rush. Same goes to the overall sound of the anime, there's no sudden loud boom, and no exaggerated moment of silence. Everything felt consistently great throughout.

And plot would be where this anime gets harder to skip. Each episode can jump from happy laughters to tear jerkers and back real fast. With decent amount of character development, I could only do so much to keep my curiosity at bay, I found myself consistently curious of what will happen next. And I kept finding myself hoping that it'll be a happy one.

Art style looks quite unique, too. Deaimon is generally pastel coloured, and I found that it's really easy on the eyes to watch. Environmental backgrounds look a little bit like paintings. The art is definitely great.

Unless you need high-paced action-packed anime, then this one gets my full recommendation.

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