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Should I Watch Futoku no Guild?

Japanese title: 不徳のギルド

English title: Immoral Guild

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🍁 Fall 2022 🍁

My personal score: 7/10

Disclaimer: This anime has an uncensored version. I believe you know what it means.

So you're probably asking whether Futoku no Guild is good, or if it's worth watching.

Despite having a good reputation as one of the most seasoned guards in the local guild of Mebuki, Kikuru Madan believes he has been wasting his youth and hopes to spend the rest of it like any other person. However, his conscience prevents him from retiring at present, as he worries about the guild's future without him.

Coincidentally—as if to help him find his successor—the guild's receptionist, Enome, assigns Kikuru four fresh recruits: the energetic beastwoman Hitamu "Hitamuki" Kyan, the prodigy Maidena Ange, the laid-back Toxico Dannar, and the stalwart Hanabata Nohkins. Although each of them possesses significant talents, they also display characteristics that detract from their potential—including Hitamu's extreme clumsiness and Hanabata's unintentional perverseness.

As if there was not enough to deal with, the monsters outside Mebuki's walls start exhibiting odd behavior by targeting women salaciously, causing the party endless problems in more ways than one. Nevertheless, Kikuru is committed to retiring early; to achieve his goal, the guidance he gives the trainees will be absolutely essential.

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To get straight to the point, Futoku no Guild will really appeal to certain group of audiences. You may be part of that group, or you may not be. As for me, I am a part of it.

Futoku no Guild is set in a fantasy world very reminiscent of RPG games, revolving around a guild where our protagonist, Kikuru, takes on quests. Kikuru is basically the town's ace. But he wants to retire, so the guild's receptionist added some new kawaii girls for the ace to train.

The recruits include a kemonomimi girl Hitamuki, a white mage Maidena, a black mage Tokishikko, and a knight Hanabata.

The twist? Hitamuki is very clumsy, Maidena's knees fail on the sight of a monster cause she's so scared, and Tokishikko has no stamina. Only Hanabata appears to be normal. The twist? Her supposedly "ultimate" skill, Frenzy, makes her act drunk, which defeats all the monsters before then proceeding to defeat Kikuru.

In addition, the monsters always attack these female characters in what can only be called fanservice.

I do find the overall story of Futoku no Guild to be entertaining. The flow of the story and the comedic retorts are fun to watch. However, there's really not much standout parts. It was quite the typical storyline.

Actually, there's one more character introduced quite late into the anime, an elven red mage Noma. It felt almost like an afterthought since it was shown quite late. The twist? I think this will be the one point I'll hide for you to watch to find out.

Futoku no Guild's character design is definitely good. The art style often switch between normal looking and the style with a thick black outline around the characters. Not too sure what the term is supposed to be called. The character design is decent. Backgrounds were well detailed.

This anime also has okay good music. It's nothing amazing, though. The character voices are what you'll have to be wary about. Basically, make sure nobody will easily overhear you when you watch this.

In conclusion, Futoku no Guild was slightly above average, with nothing that really stood out. Though, I still found it to be an enjoyable watch, with fun comedic moments. And lots of ecchi.

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