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Should I Watch "Oshi no Ko"?

Japanese title: 【推しの子】

English title: [Oshi No Ko]

No. of episodes: 11

Season: 🌸 Spring 2023 🌸

My personal score: 8/10

So you're probably asking whether "Oshi no Ko" is good, or if it's worth watching.

In the entertainment world, celebrities often show exaggerated versions of themselves to the public, concealing their true thoughts and struggles beneath elaborate lies. Fans buy into these fabrications, showering their idols with undying love and support, until something breaks the illusion. Sixteen-year-old rising star Ai Hoshino of pop idol group B Komachi has the world captivated; however, when she announces a hiatus due to health concerns, the news causes many to become worried.

As a huge fan of Ai, gynecologist Gorou Amemiya cheers her on from his countryside medical practice, wishing he could meet her in person one day. His wish comes true when Ai shows up at his hospital—not sick, but pregnant with twins! While the doctor promises Ai to safely deliver her children, he wonders if this encounter with the idol will forever change the nature of his relationship with her.

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Lies. Who among us hasn't lied on occasion? Lies are an inevitable component of human contact, whether it's a simple white lie to spare someone's feelings or a more complex fabrication. The idea of deception has a new dimension in the realm of celebrities, artists, and performers. The animated series "Oshi no Ko" dives into this intricate web of lies and examines the lives of those who must continually uphold a fake public persona.

Ai Hoshino, a well-known idol whose life is centered around deceit, serves as the protagonist of the story. She bases her actions on the tenet that "the lie becomes the truth" and spins a complex web of lies for her friends and supporters. She may appear to have dreamy eyes, yet there is a secret reality that is hidden from view. An emotional rollercoaster with a tearjerker ending is set up by the anime's bold opening, which captures viewers' attention right away.

Although the first episode sets the bar extraordinarily high, other episodes show a diverse narrative terrain. Although the change may frustrate some viewers, those who watch the show with an open mind will be rewarded. Although powerful, the premiere's execution is inconsistent. While there are echoes of "Perfect Blue" throughout, the comparison fades due to the amateurish execution.

After the premiere, when "Oshi no Ko" finds its feet, the trip really starts. The show is inspired by "Kaleido Star," a well-known anime that combines reality with a positive message. "Oshi no Ko" isn't afraid to highlight how difficult it is for actors, dancers, and singers to balance maintaining their public image with meeting audience expectations. The author, Aka Akasaka, holds up a lens to the audience's own consumer behavior as a mirror for self-reflection. The anime presents a truthful picture of the Japanese acting and idol industries, exposing the complexities of child actors' transition, agency rivalries, and the intricate relationships between writers and studios.

The son and daughter of Ai Hoshino, the show's twin protagonists, take the spotlight to discuss the highs and lows of acting and idol careers. Both of the children have a strong bond with their mother, who they both hold secrets from previous lifetimes. The adventures of Aquamarine and Ruby are delightfully original, providing a window into the world of idol success and the lookout for a missing father. Their attendance at Yoto High School, which has an elite performing arts program, lends the narrative more credibility.

The reincarnation storyline device may be deemed unneeded by some, but I believe it gives the story more complexity. Both Ruby's difficulties and Aquamarine's learned skills are a result of previous lives, which has enriched their character arcs. While Ruby's background has challenges to overcome, Aqua's story is more intriguing due to his mature manner, which is affected by his previous existence. The program paints a nuanced picture of their relationship with their role model mother by walking a fine line between emotional admiration and romantic devotion.

The supporting ensemble emerges as a source of energy, with each persona leaving a lasting impression without the use of cheap tricks. Their unique problems, objectives, and charming traits form a tapestry that deepens the emotional impact of the story. Characters like former child prodigy turned teenage actor Kana Arima shine with a blend of assurance and openness. The development of her character and her connection to past traumas lend depth to the story.

An aspiring actress named Akane struggles with the unpleasant realities of online bullying and social networking. Her plot exposes the murky side of performance art and shows how negativity affects mental health. The storyline strikes a powerful chord with viewers, denouncing internet hatred and offering catharsis.

"Oshi no Ko" has certain problems. Sometimes clumsy drama ruins the experience, and other plotlines cry for more development. When compared to Ruby's journey as an idol, Aqua's hunt for his father loses steam. The anime occasionally ignores the fascinating history of the heroes' previous lives in favor of conflict. Despite these tiny errors, the series succeeds because of the quality of its delivery.

The well-known visual artists Doga Kobo once again impress. While the anime's direction may not have been as strong as that of its predecessor, "Love is War," Daisuke Hiramaki does a fantastic job with the drama. The use of orchestral background music and strategically placed close-up shots draws the audience into the protagonists' feelings. Strong emotional reactions are triggered by the soaring melodies, which heighten the intensity of key passages.

In conclusion, "Oshi no Ko" pierces the complex web of deceit that surrounds the lives of actors and superstars. It explores the difficulties of keeping a public identity while coping with personal pain. The series impresses in its immersive depiction of the performing arts scene, despite the premiere's potential to raise expectations significantly. Despite disagreements, the reincarnation plot adds to the complexity of the plot. With distinct personalities and genuine development, the supporting cast members stand out. Even though the anime occasionally fumbles with manufactured drama and squandered opportunities, Doga Kobo's outstanding production keeps it high. In the end, "Oshi no Ko" gives a cathartic trip and presents a novel viewpoint on the coming-of-age genre.

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