Paripi Koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!) cover art

Should I Watch Paripi Koumei?

Japanese title: パリピ孔明

English title: Ya Boy Kongming!

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🌸 Spring 2022 🌸

My personal score: 9/10

So you're probably asking whether Paripi Koumei is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

Nothing much to say here other than very good! Any Three Kingdoms nerds out there?

Ya Boy Kongming made me as excited as it can. It's such an interesting reference to the story from The Three Kingdoms, but in a modern world context. It's kinda like isekai reincarnation overpowered guy anime, but instead the character gets reincarnated into the current world, that character being an overpowered (or overbrained) historical strategist.

Do you see why I'm excited?

The story and developments were great. The plot sort of recreates the historical feats of Zhuge Liang that is applied into the context of the modern world. It's almost as if trying to tell that, the strategies he used for war in the past are still applicable to achieve certain achievements in this new era, which in this case, making an amateur idol go big. It felt like a throwback, and a great one at that!

It's also filled with a fair amount of comedy, which is a very welcomed extra, in my opinion. And ultimately, all 12 episodes never fail to give this 'feel good' vibes. And of course, I found not a single boring moment. Although, the pacing of the series of events are definitely quite fast.

The art is decent, surely above average for the most part. The graphics is fairly typical for idol anime, with mostly slightly duller colour themes, and bright neon colours from the lightshows and visual effects during performances.

The sounds, excellent. Music is pretty good in Ya Boy Kongming. Perhaps a common fact for idol animes in general, so there's no surprise on that regard.

Overall I enjoyed every moment from every episode. Let's hope for a continuation in another season!

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