RPG Fudousan (RPG Real Estate) cover art

Should I Watch RPG Fudousan?

Japanese title: RPG不動産

English title: RPG Real Estate

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🌸 Spring 2022 🌸

My personal score: 7/10

So you're probably asking whether RPG Fudousan is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

RPG Fudousan, or RPG Real Estate, gave me quite a mixed feelings about it. It's not like an up and down rollercoaster ride, but more simply it went from above to below.

The story is about a countryside girl who ended up in the city and looked for a house with the help of a real estate agent, but she also ended up working at that real estate agency. It's relatively enjoyable and calming at the start, the general vibes reminded me a little of Hinako Note, and the real estate theme of Dragon, Ie wo Kau.

So far so good, until a little after the second half, and the plot unexpectedly thickens. And it wasn't in a very good way. The pacing suddenly felt significantly faster, and there are a lot of things happening. And things take a pretty dark turn. It was at this moment this anime became slightly less enjoyable to watch for me.

As for the art, the overall quality seems consistent, it's good enough. Though, the character design choice is probably what I can only describe as...for the most cultured men only!

The character designs are loli-esque, with a very strong emphasis on moe, but still with the additional slight fanservice. They're often wearing what I personally would consider risque clothings, and honestly, it felt weird pretty often.

But hey, if you like this, I promise that I won't judge.

Overall, I don't know if I would recommend this to many people. It's perhaps unlikely. Although, it's likely a yes for you who likes moe and can tolerate everything else.

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