Shadows House 2nd Season cover art

Should I Watch Shadows House 2nd Season?

Japanese title: シャドーハウス 2nd Season

English title: Shadows House 2nd Season

No. of episodes: 12

Season: 🌊 Summer 2022 🌊

My personal score: 8/10

So you're probably asking whether Shadows House 2nd Season is good, or if it's worth watching.

Continuing from its first season, this anime still keeps up its dark and disturbing premise, with a good mix of tense and fun atmosphere.

The Plot

Shadows House has always had this confusing story, it's very challenging to describe without spoiling the content, and frankly, it's quite hard to truly understand what the main idea is. And this actually makes Shadows House unique, in my opinion.

Basically, this anime tells about a group of soot that turn human using some sort of power that's referred to as their 'Grandfather'. It can touch on quite a number of disturbing topics throughout, such as brainwashing, slavery, and punishments akin to torture.

Same as the first season, it is full of suspense. Each episode is often portrays a tense vibe and a very mysterious development.

Although, there was a good mix of funny and cute scenes too, that are well timed so as to not ruin any built up mood, making the experience even more nicely balanced.

With a consistent pacing throughout, Shadows House 2nd Season gave an enjoyable flow of flashbacks and reveal of backstories towards the end, before ending the anime with a relatively interesting, cliffhanger ending.

The Audio and Visual Experience

Shadows House uses a fairly dark colour scheme overall. It's an absolutely interesting experience as the vibe constantly change between dark during scenes with the soot characters, and light and bright during scenes with the human characters.

I personally fully enjoyed the art style. Character design was great, overall backgrounds were great, and quality was consistently great.

The sounds were also decent. Character voices felt quite fitting to the characters. However, I find that all in all the visual department was still just ever so slightly ahead of the audio department.


Absolutely a unique experience even after the end of the second season. Shadows House is still a great anime, 100% worth watching!

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