Shuumatsu no Harem (World's End Harem) cover art

Should I Watch Shuumatsu no Harem?

Japanese title: 終末のハーレム

English title: World's End Harem

No. of episodes: 11

Season: 🍁 Fall 2021 🍁

My personal score: 6/10

Disclaimer: This anime is really not for little kids!

So you're probably asking whether Shuumatsu no Harem is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

This anime is lucky pervert meets some complex and convoluted sci-fi story. That would likely be how it is described in a nutshell. And yes, it is quite borderline hentai pretty much, so please heed the disclaimer above.

For the story, it can probably come off to many of the intended audience as a dream-come-true situation. The population of men simply disappears and it just so happens that some dudes survive. Take a guess on what kind of life they end up living.

Although it's practically fan service every episode, there's a lot of plots (also "plots") which, in my opinion, kind of ended up becoming a confusingly weird yet simple-minded series of events. When a suspense builds up, it's often not too hard to make a guess of what's happening, and it's often revealed sooner rather than later anyway.

Overall for the story, I didn't find it particularly bad at all. But it still was pretty substandard. At quite a number of points it felt rushed, perhaps also due to the fact that it only got 11 episodes. Despite that sounding like it should be a short watch however, it definitely felt much longer than it should when I watched it.

And then there's the final episode. It made me assume that maybe, just maybe, some animators got lazy or the budget ran out or something. Basically the last episode showed quite a disappointment here and there. Art was all in all pretty good though.

If you ran out of animes to watch and you're looking to watch an ecchi one, and you're considering this anime, I would say go for it. Otherwise, I'm sure you can relatively easily find a potentially more enjoyable one out there.

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