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Should I Watch Yakitate!! Japan?

Japanese title: 焼きたて!! ジャぱん

English title: Freshly Baked!! Ja-pan!

No. of episodes: 69 (nice)

Season: 🍁 Fall 2004 🍁

My personal score: 9/10

So you're probably asking whether Yakitate!! Japan is good, or if it's worth watching.

Opinion written after the anime was completed

Yakitate!! Japan goes through a journey of a young boy that has such a burning passion for bread, specifically Japanese native bread. Quick fun fact: pan means bread in Japanese, and yes, it's the reference in the Japan part of the title!

The episode always starts with saying "There exist English bread, German bread, and France bread, but a Japanese bread, Japan, that can match their reputations has yet to exist."

Now if you're reading this from quite a distant future, then it might just be that an internationally acclaimed Japanese bread already came to existence (and I'm sure it must be extremely delectable!) but when this anime aired back in the Fall of 2004, that may very well not be the case.

The anime is filled to the brim with parodies and references to other things, including stuff that are not anime. Therefore, as a big fan of parodies, the comedy is great.

The bread makings in the anime are also shown in such an action packed manner, definitely cool to watch. And of course, whenever there's a chance, it will make you laugh, or at least giggle.

In addition to all that, being an attempted action packed show with a hero's journey, it also managed to incorporate some touching moments too, making the whole package simply an unbelievable roller coaster ride.

In my humble opinion, this is definitely one of those 'old but gold' stuff people often talk about!

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